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Innovate. To grow up. Build.

We always find a real estate solution.

A New Business Culture

Concreteness, dynamism, reliability: This is the heritage and the Heart

of the group.

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Real estate


Real estate


Real estate

Real estate

Public building

Respect for the rules before and after the Work

We work with the Client and for the Client even after the delivery of the works.


Only through research and development is it possible to adequately respond to the increasingly complex needs of Clients and Designers. And it is precisely in order to offer the most complete service that Stefano Casanova Group proposes itself not only as a manufacturer with proven skills, but also as a General Contractor, so as to represent the reference point for the Client in full compliance with times, costs and product quality.


On two factors, in particular, the Stefano Casanova Group has invested: people and technologies. The staff is highly specialized and fully satisfies the parameters of efficiency and preparation for their role.

Great attention is paid to the integration of processes, from design to programming up to the planning of purchases and control plans.

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The Numbers of the Holding

A story of growth.

+20 Specialized Workers

+ 1,324,345 sqm built

+7 Sector Certifications

+10 Real Estate Operations every year

+84 Active projects

+ 7 Historical Projects

Our Values: Transparency beyond appearance

Economic, environmental and social sustainability are founding values for real, ethical growth shared by employees, customers and stakeholders.



We believe that a solid company is indispensable for the realization of concrete projects. We believe that our strength is the people who, with dedication, contribute every day to the success of our businesses. We believe that innovation in designing, building and manufacturing is a winning weapon to always face new challenges.

Because to innovate, grow and build a vision is crucial to have quality as the foundation, security and environmental protection. A vision of sustainable development.


A common aspiration, a shared intent, a clear objective: to accompany the customer throughout the design, construction and construction process of the property, through a complete management of urban planning and authorization aspects, guaranteeing competence and professionalism in every area of the project .

Stefano Casanova Group represents the point of reference for the Client in full compliance with time, costs and product quality.

The Achievements

What matters are the facts. A decade full of successes that also continues in the name of social and environmental responsibility and with prestigious structures.


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