Significantly present in the Real Estate dimension, it proposes itself as a single interlocutor and General Contractor, developing projects in various areas; Construction, Renovation, Investments, Training.

A team of specialists accompanies the customer throughout the entire project implementation process, guaranteeing full support and specific know-how at every stage.


Ours is a leadership that comes from unparalleled know-how. Stefano Casanova Group, a formidable team with a sense of challenge.

The company operates in the residential, tertiary, industrial and renewable energy sectors, in compliance with the most stringent standards in terms of quality and safety.

Engineering e Building Information Modeling 


Stefano Casanova Group offers a dedicated team of highly specialized engineers, architects and technicians for the management of the design phase of the Construction, Renovation and Investment works. Thanks to a 360 ° integrated design, internal processes optimize efforts in terms of time and money, allowing greater control over the final result. The strategic model that Stefano Casanova Group uses is also an effective facility management tool.

The organizational skills that the Stefano Casanova Group guarantees are evident in the complex construction phase, through the competence and proven experience of our professionals: project managers, site managers and construction managers represent the fulcrum of the project implementation activities and act as primary objective is the delivery to the customer of the best possible product in terms of functionality, quality, compliance with the budget and production times.


Stefano Casanova Group accompanies the customer from the very early stages of research, cataloging and preliminary due diligence of the areas, thanks to the support of a constantly updated database. The management and negotiation for the acquisition of real estate assets, as well as the economic-financial analyzes of the real estate development project are entirely managed by the Stefano Casanova Group, through close collaboration between the various internal departments, which are fully responsible for the planning, urban planning and authorization process.

Facility Management

The path of accompanying the life of the property is a complete process, which aims to maintain the buildings in full efficiency, in addition to the enhancement and creation of added value of the properties. To this end, Stefano Casanova Group undertakes to guarantee its customers the following services: Monitoring of the life cycle of the building, Management and maintenance of structures, systems and equipment for their efficiency.

Guarantee and compliance with health, safety and environmental standards, Management of partners and suppliers for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities, Coordination and management of external consultants, companies and public institutions

Who we are

Stefano Casanova Group is a Holding with proven experience and solidity.

What do we do

From the very early stages of the creation of the project itself, Stefano Casanova Group provides the customer with a team of professionals with proven experience to guarantee a continuous and efficient connection between the specific needs of the client and the success of the project.

Real estate investments

We make the difference in the choice of investments and in the management of the operation.

The fundamental rule of real estate investment is: Money is made when you buy, not when you sell. "Stefano Casanova Group identifies and structures real estate transactions, proposing targeted high-yield investments to selected customers. Investing with Stefano Casanova Group means working side by side to a qualified partner, with more than 10 years of experience in Real Estate. The direct experience acquired in the development of real estate projects, both in the residential and hospitality sectors, makes the Stefano Casanova Group a qualified player in the sector, also confirmed from partnerships with major players in the national and international real estate sector.

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Real Estate Renovations

We love history.

Stefano Casanova Group aims first of all to satisfy its customers, offering advice for restructuring associated with the best tax advantages. The search for quality is an absolute imperative and a guarantee of a personalized service: a single interlocutor with whom to interface; a single point of reference and fulcrum of responsibility for the entire order, in order to make each phase of the decision-making and coordination process easier, avoiding direct contact with the individual professionals for the customer. The Stefano Casanova Group is aimed at individuals offering design and construction services for luxury renovations. Each project is developed based on the specific needs of the customer and the birth of the property.

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Real Estate Construction

The beauty of delivering a turnkey project.

Building in a workmanlike manner is
the goal that Stefano Casanova Group has always pursued. Each work is carried out in the context of an overall company path to promote the quality of materials, construction techniques and professionalism.
With the aim of linking the needs for well-being and quality of life, the most modern architectural spirit, construction requirements and principles of sustainability in a single conceptual and operational process, Stefano Casanova Group has designed buildings of undoubted architectural, functional.

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Real Estate Training

For those who want to grow together.

The goal of the Stefano Casanova Group is to generate collaborators for Real Estate operations. This is why “Immobiliare Marziale” was born in February 2019 thanks to a collaboration between Nicola Colonnata (Founder and Master Trainer of Mentoring Resources srl) and Marco Targetti, Real Estate Technician and General Contractor, passionate about the sector for over 20 years. The company organizes real estate training courses as a sign of national identity and a fundamental resource for economic and social growth, as well as for the economic development of the territories. In today's globalized and competitive world, real estate professionals and those who work as professionals in Real Estate must always be able to develop new skills and abilities in order not to be crushed by the competition.

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Public building

Among our works there are historical wonders.

In recent decades, the Stefano Casanova Group, with great respect for the construction traditions of the past, has tackled complex conservative restoration projects, in the full nativity and identity of public structures.


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